Lose weight with Netherlands

The total weight loss program Weight loss with Netherlands has now been active for several years. And with success, as they set themselves. The program claims to have been thousands of people over the years helped to lose weight.

How does this program work?

Lose Weight with The Netherlands has a clear method. The full methodology runs for about 6 months. In the first three months, there is strong emphasis on achieving weight loss. First we will look at your diet and here an alternative in the form of a high protein and low carbohydrate diet. It is also given exercises that suit you.

After the first three months you have been downsized tremendously. Most people have then reached their target weight. After this you can focus on maintaining your target weight; the so-called stabilization phase. This process is addressed both diet and exercise level level.

What do you get when registering?

You can free the program log , you also get instant intake gift. After the intake you can still decide whether you go for the weight loss program. This costs € 7.50 per month. The complete program of weight with Netherlands includes recipes for six months, professional online counseling from a dietitian, exercise videos, behavior tips for weight loss and an online platform where you can exchange ideas with other dieters.

our Verdict

Losing weight with the Netherlands is really a total package in which all aspects are discussed from losing weight. It does this in principle excellent. Much information is of course freely available on the Internet, but motivation from a dietitian and an online portal with all recipes, workouts and tips in a fixed place still has a real added value. The price of € 7.50 per month is therefore relatively very low for what you get everything.

The personal interaction with the dietician is pleasant. Although the contact remains businesslike and aloof, you still really tips that apply to your personal. That is a real added value.

Many people with Slimming Netherlands have followed are very enthusiastic about the program. It is really listened to you and made a really good plan for you to lose weight. This also shows that the vast majority of people who have successfully followed it with his downsized the program, and in addition also still be able to maintain their goal weight.

You can through the website of weight with Netherlands sign up for a free intake, or sign up immediately for the program itself. You can choose a monthly membership or directly go for six months or a year. In these cases, you get a considerable discount on the program.

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