Super Simple Paleo

The Paleo diet remains popular. But because it is a radical break with many eating habits, it’s not the easiest diet to follow. So it is necessary for the standard Paleo diet to do all cereals under the spell. This means no bread, pasta or rice more. The book  Super Simple Paleo is trying to overcome these obstacles and the Paleo diet for most people to make a lot easier.

A specific diet book on the Paleo diet is also helpful. Super Simple Paleo Paleo is a special slimming guide sleeve Duuren Mitchell, author among other things already in the past 101 Paleo Recipes Package compiled.

What is the Super Simple Paleo book?

The thrust of the book is to make manageable the Paleo diet for everyone, literally and figuratively. The diet is because the image that it is sometimes difficult to maintain because your whole no carbs may take to you. It will also be milk products, legumes and advised against products with saturated fat. By simply keep the dishes may Super Simple Paleo still let everybody know the diet. And thus you can still be successful with the Paleo diet to lose weight.

The core of the book are the many Paleo meals are described, together with the recipe. They have not only the goal to be good, but also to make them quick and easy ready. Per dish do not need more than ten minutes to get into the kitchen. And each dish be used up to five ingredients. This makes it relatively inexpensive to prepare it, and that while the Paleo diet does have an image of a relatively expensive diet.

The book contains over a hundred pages with recipes and other information. Thus the book also contains several meal planners and lists of ingredients that make it convenient to do good shopping. The more than 60 dishes, both for breakfast, lunch and dinner. While sweet treats are not forgotten.

When purchasing Super Simple Paleo  you get not only the book, but also several extras. This includes an additional ebook with Paleo snacks, an ebook with healthy smoothies and juices with an ebook. When buying you a guarantee that if the package is not satisfactory, you can send the same easily return.

Super Simple Paleo – Our Review

Although the market is currently quite full of several books on the Paleo diet, this book knows anyway give a new angle. Super Simple Paleo responded effectively to the demands of the market by making it easier to diet. This makes the book especially suitable for people who are unfamiliar with the Paleo diet and in fun way to meet them. For advanced followers of the diet or avid cooks the book is perhaps a bit too “easy”, although the book also contains ideas for this group.

The recipes in the book are displayed with attractive. There is clearly invested in good photography. The dishes are beautifully presented and the recipe is clear. Sometimes the dishes are very simple, but in the context of this book, this is less of an issue. If you’re interested in starting the Paleo lifestyle and diet, then Super Simple Paleo is a great starting point.

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