A Guide to Muscle Building: What you Need to Know

If you are looking to bulk up your physique with a serious weight training regime, you should know about what promotes building muscle mass and there are quite a few vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are required to build muscle. It isn’t just a question of working your body and your muscles will automatically grow, the right exercises must be accompanied by the right nutrition, so you do need to plan your diet carefully.


Most bodybuilders swear by protein shakes and when you buy supplements online, you save at least 15%, while your products are delivered to your door. Foods high in protein include fish, white meat, egg yoke, tuna and liver and if you are unsure about what to include in your diet, check out a few diet plans for weightlifting on the Internet and you can base your diet on one of these.

Eat Often

When pumping iron, you should be eating 3 times a day, which will ensure you are getting everything you need for muscle growth. Stay hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day and if you plan your meals around what feels right, your body will adapt to that schedule; just fast for at least one hour prior to your workout.

Post Training Carbs

Limit your carbohydrates to after your workout session, with pasta, bread or rice being high in carbs; while we need carbs for energy, most people consume too much, when it is largely protein you need to build muscle.

The Right Exercise Program

If you approach a personal trainer, he or she would listen to your goals, assess your current level of fitness and design a workout routine that works. Certain exercises target specific muscles and you feel them burn as you get further into the session and with a professional designing your exercise routines, you will develop in a structured way.

A Whole Food Diet

Avoid processed food, as this is full of chemicals and preservatives, rather stick to wholesome natural foods, which the body can process easily. Lots of organically grown fruit and vegetables are advised, as they contain most of the vitamins and minerals you’re going to need.

The Importance of Rest Days

When you really work a set of muscles hard, the blood vessels expand, which results in an increase of mass, yet nature requires some healing time, so 2 days training and one day rest is recommended. Also, you should rotate different routines for upper and lower body, to give one set of muscles a rest.

After 4-6 weeks, you should start to notice a change; it is often friends and family that notice first and with a structured program, your muscle-building goals will soon be achieved.

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