Taking weed for pleasure has been authorized although the policies on its use differ based on your location. Some depends on your age; you must have attained a particular age before you can be able to smoke weed. Some other places have placed a warning that you cannot bring weed to their stores. Some states in Canada have also authorized the use of weed for relaxation, now grown- ups can get weed when they want and any amount they want even up to over 100grams. As stated earlier, your location in any state will dictate the method and when you can smoke weed. Don’t make the mistake of taking a weed when travelling interstate. I would be sharing all you need to know about getting weed.


This is also dependent on where you find yourself. But most states have their minimum age limit at 18. Some other states have theirs as 19 and some other states have authorized that you cannot purchase or have anything to do with weed unless you are 22. So as we can see this all boil down to the location you find yourself. Do well to go through the state’s policy on weed. Some states also frown at you giving and sharing weed with underaged citixeensmi.e people that are not up to the age they have permitted to take weeds. This is considered as a crime. Means you have been an aid to a crime.


I am pretty sure you have taken a stroll around your area and wondered why there are hardly any weed stores considering the fact that weed has been authorized. Here is a shocker that you are mistaken

The physical stores are always about one or two and are not even close to one another for various legit reasons though. One of the reasons is that the cost of starting a dispensary is actually not so affordable no matter the period for which it is being opened for. Another thing is that, authorization process for a physical store is quite stressful and it takes a lot of time. Different states have their different policies for the authorization of weed for pleasure and it is very possible that when they finally decide to approve the store, the store is limited to a particular amount of weed they can sell per time. The store does not make enough profit as it ought to and you don’t get to buy the amount you want. So you have to keep going back and forth.


The online dispensary Canada keeps thriving and let me inform you that there are unlimited stores you can buy weed online.  I suggest that you purchase from stores around you before you get a perfect site to buy weed online that suits you. This is because they all vary in the products they sell (especially if you are buying in large amounts) and all have different discounts for their members.

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