Decoding The Pros And Cons Of Invisible Braces

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no right age to get braces. If you have crowded, crooked teeth or have a bad bite, you can visit an orthodontist, who may suggest braces to align your teeth. Ideally, braces should be considered in late childhood or in teen years, but as we mentioned, age is not a factor. For the longest time, metal braces were the only option that orthodontists used for aligning teeth, but with invisible braces, we finally have a better solution. As the name indicates, invisible braces are invisible, and since these provide aligners that are basically plastic trays, there is no unsightly appearance or pain involved. In this post, we are discussing the pros and cons of invisible braces at a glance.

The obvious pros

  • First and foremost, invisible braces feel a lot more comfortable, because you don’t have to deal with wires and brackets anymore. There is no risk of any infection or pricking, so it is easier to wear the braces for long hours.
  • The aesthetic advantage of invisible braces cannot be ignored either. No matter whether you go to work or college, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about wearing braces. In fact, it is hard to spot that someone is wearing braces in the first place.
  • Unlike metal braces, invisible braces can be removed, no matter the purpose. This further simplifies the process of oral hygiene, so you can brush, floss as required. Don’t feel comfortable eating with braces on? Simply get the trays out!
  • You don’t need as many trips to the dentist for invisible braces as with metal braces. Because the entire treatment is customized, most dentists ask patients to visit after six weeks, and that too for checking the adjustment and if the invisible braces are working as intended.

  • Unlike metal braces, invisible braces don’t require a lot of maintenance. You can simply remove and scrub the aligners once in two days, and you are done!

On the flip side

There is no denying that invisible braces are more expensive, and since these are removable, the treatment can take more time. This primarily happens because people tend to remove the braces for almost everything that involves the mouth.

Whether you should consider invisible braces in the first place depends on many factors. We highly recommend that you talk to your dentist first and check the cost and overall procedure, to understand better.

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