Do You Notice Dark Lines on Your Gums and Teeth After Visiting the Dentist?

Perhaps you have black lines around your teeth because of dental procedures you had done years ago. It is incredibly disappointing to have a cosmetic operation done in the hopes of achieving a near-perfect smile, only to see black lines around the teeth afterward.

In fact, “Why are there black lines around my teeth and gums?” is one of the most often asked queries from new patients. 

They complain of a dark line near the gums. Most patients would prefer a more natural-looking grin. Thus, the presence of these dark lines is a drawback. Fortunately, your family dentist in Pacific Beach, San Diego, can address this condition.

Metal dental crowns with black outlines.

There is not much to it. When you grin, the metal portion of the crown restoration is exposed, which is why there is a black line around your teeth.

You may have what is known as a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown restoration (or PFM for short) if you are having this issue. The metal component strengthens the crown, but it will not do much for your appearance when you smile.

Sure, you want a “solid” restoration that will last for years, but if your PFM crowns are making your smile look unattractive, strength is irrelevant.

Patients want this line erased since it detracts from the crowns’ natural appearance and makes them look fake. This kind of extreme discoloration is not seen in natural teeth. Therefore, the presence of this black line almost screams, “I have a crown!”

What is the fix? Using porcelain crowns only

Replace your old metal crowns with porcelain ones to eliminate the ugly black lines. Since they do not use any metal to make your crowns, they have a completely natural look.

  • Crowns made of porcelain are as durable as metal ones, but without the latter. This eliminates the possibility of a dark line appearing close to the gums. After having their old, conspicuous crowns replaced with porcelain ones, many patients report feeling and looking younger and healthier.
  • A stunning porcelain crown can be fabricated by your dentists in only one appointment using the CEREC method. Same-day CEREC crowns mean fewer visits to the dentist and a lot less downtime.

A beautiful, natural smile does not have the “black lines” problem, so if you want to get the smile you have always wanted (without the black/metal ring around your teeth and gums), repairing your crowns with an all-porcelain material is probably your best bet.

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