Identifying Suicidal Behavior: Help Someone You Love!

Despite the growing talk around mental health, the increasing number of suicides is a matter worth pondering on. Some people have a hard time dealing with depression, anxiety and eventually, such thoughts when ignored leads to the ultimate collapse. You may not have any inclination towards such thoughts, but knowing about suicidal behavior is necessary, because you can actually help someone out. More importantly, people with suicidal behavior can get help, and there are centers like, which offer all the support that people need to come out of such situations.

Knowing the signs

Unfortunately, people with suicidal behavior don’t always act or behave in the same way, so it is hard to understand what may be the case. However, if someone is prone to anxiety, depression, anger, irritability and is unable to come out of that zone, it is wise to keep a check on them. Sudden calm after a fight or inability to focus are other things that people with suicidal behavior often experience. Sadness, grief or a profound incident in personal life can also be a trigger, while some people may end up taking shame and humiliation to heart.

Check for other things

If someone you know has started to depend on alcohol or substances or has been living in isolation, chances are high that they are having an issue or two with their emotional, personal or mental state. When you see some of these signs, do not wait to ask a loved one about it. Just because a person has these signs doesn’t mean that he/she is suicidal. It could well be a temporary thing, but checking out on people is necessary. Talking to others often comes in handy in sharing emotions, and they can prevent a grave mistake. If you cannot confront the person right away about their mind or how they feel, you can keep an eye on their action. Check their web browsing history to know what they are looking for, and don’t shy away from asking relevant questions.

Seeking help for suicidal behavior is the best you can do, and you have to find new ways to convince people to seek help. With therapy and new-age treatments, dealing with suicidal behavior or tendencies doesn’t have to be hard, and all that such people need is some courage. Being aware is a good way to support those in need, and we all have a role to play in that.

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