Repair vision disorders with Femtolasic eye surgery in Bangkok

 It is natural that everyone wishes to take care of the health of their eyes and keep them in perfect condition. Without them, life would be a real struggle, especially for those in jobs that require them.

Unfortunately, there are times when eyesight can let someone down for a variety of reasons. It is at that stage when a consultation with a professional doctor in this field so that they can offer the best advice and provide the best treatment. One such cure can be administered after interested customers enquire about the Femtolasik price (known as femtolasik ราคา in Thai) which can then be arranged.

This treatment can be provided by a qualified ophthalmologist in Bangkok’s Bangkapi district, who has also become a Doctor of Medicine and carries several certificates, including one passed in Chicago in the USA. The qualified and professional team at the modern and well-appointed clinic look after their patients who receive the very best treatment.

Femtolasic vision correction surgery can sort out disorders, such as short and long-sightedness and follows the following stages. Initially, the Femto Laser will open the cornea, as the state-of-the-art equipment, which is made in Switzerland, uses low suction so that the patient feels no pain throughout the process. This technique greatly reduces the chance of gas causing tears to the cornea.

Next up, a laser from Canada is used in this precision surgery. It can correct eyesight owing to its vision speed which registers at 100 per 1 second. The same laser as in step 1 is then once again put to valuable use as it closes the lid of the cornea perfectly and with great speed. It ensures that the wound will heal without any infection.

Because of the low energy levels of laser light, Femtolasic is a safe method of surgery and repair. The thickness of the cornea can be determined to a micron level which provides high accuracy throughout the process, while very little pain is felt by those who benefit from the treatment, with it costing less than purchasing some spectacles or contact lenses.

All patients are given full information and guidance about what not to do and when before and after their surgery. Help is always at hand from the customer-friendly team who help throughout.

There is no reason for anyone to suffer from vision disorders when there is a professional clinic in Bangkok waiting to carry out affordable surgery to repair many issues.

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