Things to remember when starting a marijuana delivery service

Marijuana has never been in demand like it is right now. This huge demand makes it logical to consider starting a cannabis delivery service in order to take advantage of the cannabis boom. However, whether you are operating out of a remote location or within a dispensary, you need to understand that marijuana dispensary is not something that anyone can just do. The legalization of the product in multiple states leads to a huge market and demand, but before you dive in head first, there are a few things you need to consider.

In this article, I will be exploring the things that you need in order to deal with first before you can set up your delivery service.

Business license

In order for any business to exist in the United States, the owner needs to apply for a business license and that includes cannabis delivery services. To apply for a business license, you will need to collect all the paperwork you need to be granted the permit. The kind of license you apply for will depend on the type of delivery service you are trying to set up. If the service is not affiliated with a storefront dispensary, then you will have to apply for a retailer non-storefront business permit. This kind of license requires you to secure a premise from where you will be operating, but the premises will not be open to members of the public. That means that people cannot walk into the premises and make their purchases from there. All sales are delivered to the buyer. Delivery services that have storefront dispensaries must apply for a regular business permit in order to implement a delivery service.

Delivery compliance

Armed with a business permit, you can now proceed to apply for delivery compliance authorization. Cannabis is a highly regulated market and that means that cannabis compliance is something that staff and owners of delivery services need to be vigilant about. All members of the delivery crew must adhere to all new regulations that ensure that the use of cannabis is not violated in way because that would put your business in a lot of jeopardy. For instance, if one of your drivers is pulled over by traffic police for being under influence while driving can lead to heavy penalties and fines for your business and that can’t be a good thing.

Delivery drivers

Operating a delivery service is a very delicate service. It means that you can to be vigilant about everything you do. Even when you are hiring delivery drivers, you must check their previous experiences and driving records to ensure that they are clean. It is better to hire someone who has some experience as a dispensary delivery driver. You must ensure that all candidates provide you with references who you must reach out to. People are in the habit of providing fake details on their resumes and you don’t want to fall victim to that by failing to verify the story of every delivery drive you hire.

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