Ultherapy Treatment: What You Must Know?

Many people look for non-surgical skin tightening to avoid pain and other complications. However, is it feasible? Yes, with Ultherapy, it is possible definitely. Without using knives, this procedure aids patients in lifting their skin. There is no cutting involved when it comes to this procedure. It is the commonly used non-surgical facelift and neck lift procedure. Worrying about the cost of this treatment?

Many clinics in Hong Kong are offering this treatment nowadays. For Ulthera, choose a medical and aesthetic center like Retens. Some of the other procedures which they offer include Ellanse Girl Needle, Fotona Total laser, and many more. Their staff is well experienced in providing treatment for various skin-related conditions. Read on to know about some of the benefits of Ultherapy®.

  • The brows, neck, and area beneath the chin are just a few body regions that can benefit from this procedure.
  • Following this therapy, you can carry on with your regular everyday activities.
  • For those who are afraid of surgery, this treatment would be a great choice. But it is important to discuss your health problems if you have any.
  • Most people in Hong Kong choose this treatment as it doesn’t have some serious side effects.
  • For this treatment, you do not require any anesthesia or surgery. The best part about this treatment is, you need not take a break from your work. This treatment does not take more than 20 to 30mins. In fact, it is a quick treatment.
  • You need to speak with a clinic staff if you notice any negative effects. It is preferable to have treatment after giving birth if you are pregnant. But you must check with your doctor first before proceeding.
  • The effects of this treatment are long-lasting, which means you do not have to turn around the beauty salons for skin treatments.
  • In a short amount of time, this procedure tightens and smoothens your skin by enhancing collagen production.
  • This treatment is quite affordable, which means you do not have to worry about your budget.

The Ultherapy 效果, is definitely going to surprise you. The people around you will love to speak with you looking at your lovely skin. After the treatment, your skin might appear red for some hours. There is nothing to panic about this. Some people might even experience mild swelling. As the redness and swelling go away within one or two days maximum, stay patient. If they did not go away even after 2 days, consult your doctor about it. Your skin appears younger and firmer within 3 to 5 months.

Before using any skin product post-treatment, it is better to check with the doctor at the medical and aesthetic center, where you have taken the treatment. Avoid exposing your skin to sunlight and pollution, as this can damage your skin. Ensure that you cover your face with a smooth scarf before stepping out of your home. Follow a healthy diet before and after the treatment. Stay hydrated.

Do try this treatment immediately to look youthful!

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