Wear Or Bare – Your Nudity Guide to the Spa

Nudity is always a question and a fear for spa-goers. Especially if you are going for the first time you will have more questions in mind related to nudeness. It is quite understandable that you will not prefer wearing a bathing suit in front of others in the sauna room and at the same time you want to relax at the day spa.

Additionally, while you are heading for massage the question of undress might still linger in your mind. To guide you better, not all types of therapy and massages require full nudity. Most of the massages involve covering you up in a towel or even a light blanket [if you request].

Spa treatments such as hydrotherapy and full-body sports spa require full nudity. You can talk to your therapist if you feel uncomfortable. The professional will guide you aptly which will put you at ease. However, let us give you a detailed idea about what happens in the spa in different rooms so that you have a clear picture in mind

Locker room

Most of the day spas have a separate locker room for both men and women. In the locker room, you can keep your belongings and change into a spa robe as per your size. Slippers will also be provided. Most of the spas in Canada have changing rooms where you can change separately. While some may not have, then you can change in the bathroom. You can search on the internet, which spa provides a separate room for privacy. After deciding you can visit the nearest city spa and enjoy all the relaxation.

Relaxation Area

The relaxation room is involved in the procedure. Most of the time spa-goers sit in the relaxation room for about 15 to 20 minutes to relax their mind. You can enter the relaxation room with a bathrobe and slippers or even a swimsuit. However, you need to wear the robe as per your size. There is no hard and fast rule for the relaxation room.

Treatment room

For massages like deep tissue spa and special reflexology spa, you will be asked to undress. You can talk with the therapist and wear a bikini or underwear if you want you. Before starting the treatment, the therapist will inform you about the procedure and advise you to either be face up or face down.

You can request the masseur to step out of the room while you wear the spa sheet. In Canada, there is a system known as draping which is being followed in some reputed spas. Here the person drapes the whole body and only the part, which needs to be massaged, is exposed. The therapist massages the particular area and then moves on to the next area, covering the completed area. This gives more privacy during the massage.

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