Who can go for PMU Boca Nevada?

While endless makeup (PMU Boca Nevada) is plenty for most people, some people are not eligible for these medicines. Please read the following permanent cosmetics (PMU Boca Nevadacontraindications carefully, to consider if you are a qualified prospect, as they use all of our permanent makeup (PMU Boca Nevada) systems:

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Ineligible Without Anomaly

1- Individuals under 18 years of age

We cannot Microblade anyone under 18 years years, even with parental consent.

2- Ladies who are expectant or nursing 

As the body is going through hormonal shifts, it is more prone to infections. Your skin may vary and the results can be unpredictable.

3- People with Pacemaker or important heart problems

We use epinephrine, as a numbing agent, that can improve your core rate possible driving dysrhythmias.

4- People with viral infections and/or diseases 

The likelihood of developing an illness is more elevated in individuals with a compromised resistant system.

5- People with Lupus

The chance of acquiring an illness is more elevated in individuals with a compromised immune method.

6- People who have undergone Organ Transplant

The chance of creating an illness is more elevated in individuals with a compromised immune system.

7- People with any type of skin infection on or near the therapy area

Eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis or any one of these skin conditions may compromise the surface and texture of the skin. The procedure conducted on skin with this kind of situation may have alternate par effects.

8- People who are allergic to metal and paint

We use small needles and colours that can have some metals and dyes, so allergy can be a show pin.

9- People prone to keloids 

Since permanent makeup (PMU Boca Nevada) punctures the skin, there is still a risk for people that are prone to keloids to heal with keloids scaring

10- Individuals who utilised Accutane

Accutane changes the skin and pushes it thin, dry, and sharp. It even depletes your resistant system. For those reasons, you’ll need one year after your Accutane treatment is completed and your skin is back to its usual state.

Right With Doctor Clearance and Note

11- Individuals experiencing chemotherapy

Although permanent makeup (PMU Boca Nevada) is excellent for improving your look, we require a doctor’s note in charge to finish the process for anyone undergoing chemotherapy. Once you’re cleared by your oncologist, we can reserve your position. Permanent makeup (PMU Boca Nevada) is a amazing answer for cancer survivors.

12- People with Diabetes

Your condition must be stable and under management. Please consult with your doctor and provide us with a doctor’s note.

13- Individuals with Thyroid Condition

The shade of your brows can fade quickly when handled with specific thyroid medications.

14- People with High Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure has to be in a steady situation. You may include slightly greater bleeding than the average. Excessive bleeding during the procedure can cut and expel the stain colour and deliver poor outcomes.

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